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“A TREASURE – Delightful and heartwarming memories shared by an exceptional Chef. Her words allow our minds to go back to childhood experiences in our own Mother’s kitchens, once again remembering the smells and sounds of her cooking. This book is a must-have…if not for the memories, for the fabulous recipes!”
Teri Schmidt

Executive Director | Experience Sioux Falls, ★★★★★

“I love, love LOVE this book! Laurel’s lifelong passion, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit make for a most entertaining read. Weaving her recipes into her journey brings each flavorful creation to life and makes me want to try every single one! What an amazing life story of a most accomplished woman.”
Mary Yungeberg

Author | The Rowan Milani Chronicles, ★★★★★

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“Every memorable meal has a great story to go with it, and Laurel Lather cooks up both with this look at her culinary journey. We’re lucky it wound through Sioux Falls, where she built a well-deserved reputation as a sought-after chef whose restaurants filled with regulars, that I know will enjoy this latest “Feast!”

Jodi Schwan

Publisher | SiouxFalls.Business, ★★★★★

“I have been frequenting Laurel’s impressive stores and restaurants for over 25 years. She has been instrumental in reviving the food scene in Sioux Falls. Laurel always seeks out the very best ingredients and has a rare talent for creating a beautiful experience from conception to finish. I love her food and Nostalgic Feast is a fantastic expression of her passion as an extraordinary chef.”
Stacy Newcomb

Owner | Parker’s Bistro, ★★★★★

“As a fresh-out-of-college fast food addict, Laurel Lather exposed me to culinary creations the likes of which I had only dreamed about. She challenged me to try exotic wines and new-to-me foods. The recipes Laurel presents in Nostalgic Feast, will captivate, and tantalize your taste buds.”
Dena Espenscheid

Director of Grassroots | Coalitions Leadership Institute, ★★★★★

“We’ve been fans of Laurel’s cooking from the beginning. All our favorite dates and big life moments (like picking our children’s names) were around her tables. Our love language is good food, gathered around the table with people we adore. Nostalgic Feast embodies those feelings and memories. I can’t wait to host my own dinner party and recreate these recipes for my family and friends!”
Marie & Bart Plocher


“Laurel Lather’s Nostalgic Feast is a pure joy to read. Much more than a cookbook, this tours de force chronicles Laurel’s evolution as a chef still embracing her Midwestern routes but also exploring and mastering cuisine from around the world. This book is a must have for every person that enjoys good food in the company of friends and family.”
Eric Schulte


“This book is such a treasure! I loved learning about Laurel’s history and how she evolved into the talented chef that she is today. It reminds me of all the memories that were made her in her restaurants. We celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and enjoyed Friday nights with friends sharing our favorite dishes. Nostalgic Feast will become my go-to cookbook now that I have the recipes to recreate the tastes I so enjoyed in my own home.”

Roseann Burkett


“I am grateful to share in the nostalgia of one of my all-time favorite chefs. I first enjoyed Laurels cooking as a child and continued to pursue her restaurants as an adult where I have been blessed enough to bring my own children. What a treat to bring her detailed yet bountiful dishes to my own home. We look forward to cooking our way through this book.”

Jessica Kerher

Co-Owner/ Founder | Serendipitous Events , ★★★★★

“Nostalgic Feast adds new depth to the many dining experiences we have enjoyed with Laurel. They have become even more special now that they are surrounded by her memories!”
Pete and Paula Vogelsang


“Nostalgic Feast stays true to its first sentence as a beautifully written tale of how food isn’t just a small part of every day, it’s a big part of our life. As a culinary legend in Sioux Falls, Laurel’s restaurants were a part of so many people’s stories and now the book can become part of their stories too! As a beginner cook myself, I love the ease and simplicity of this book, it makes me believe that I can create delicious food right from my home, while making my own memories.”
Sadie Swier

Community Outreach Coordinator | Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc., ★★★★★

“Nostalgic Feast is so much more than a cookbook. It is a story about Laurel and her love of cooking amazing food and sharing those recipes with her family and friends.”
Lynette and Terry Kelley


“I’ve had the pleasure of dining at Laurel’s restaurant numerous times, especially for
wine dinners where her creativity was at its peak. I was thrilled to learn more about
one of my favorite chefs through this memoir and attempt to recreate some of
her treasurers in my own home. This will be a top of the counter cookbook for me!”

Becky Blue

owner/vintner | Handwritten and Jessup Cellars Wines, ★★★★★